Shopkins Character Jessicake

Jessicake is one of the original Shoppies from Season 1 released on October 1, 2015. Her theme is cupcakes. She is a girl that has a big, bright blue eyes, blue eyebrows, and long blue hair wearing a pink shirt with a dark pink bow on it.

She also wears a blue skirt with pink, yellow, and white sprinkle decorations. She has a pink shoes that has some sort of whipped cream on it with a cherry on top. Her heels are cupcake-like shape. At the top of her head, she’s wearing a light pink headband with a cupcake that has a whipped cream on it, cherry, and a bow.

When buying her, she comes with a Coco Cupcake and Cherry Cake along with a cupcake purse, a cupcake brush, a doll stand, and a VIP card. Jessicake is a smart, sensible and has a great taste for fashion.

She loves shopping. In fact, she loves to sprinkle her BFF’s, Coco Cupcake and Cherry cake, some treats that she brought along during her shopping trip. She loves to hang out at the cupcake café and try out there new cupcakes and bring treats for her BFF’s as well.

Jessicake’s Favorites:

Hobby: Cupcake Decorating

Shopkin BFF’s: Coco Cupcake & Cherry Cake

Hangout Place: The Cupcake Cafe

Jessicake’s Appearances in YouTube


  • Her name is a pun for Jessica.

  • Cuppy Cake was her prototype name.

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