Shopkins Character Gran Jam

Gran Jam is a common character in Shopkins from Season 1. She belongs to the team, Pantry. She is described to be a red jam jar with yellow label and blue lid. She is wearing a white glasses. Gran Jam’s variant is a green jam jar with white label and pink lid.

She is also wearing a glasses but pink in color. In the season 3 So-Coo, Metallic Fridge, there is an available exclusive variant of Gran Jam. This Shopkins character is a red jar of jam with a yellow label and a light blue lid.

The same as what have been described in above, she is also wearing glasses but white in color.In Shopkins, Gran Jam is being described by her friends as a character that loves to preserve memories in her scrapbook. Gran Jam, even though she is already old, loves to dance. In fact, she has a signature dance move and it is called “The Jelly Roll”.

Gran Jam, just like other characters has also a bad habit and it is stewing in her own juices. As a hobby, she is knitting and playing with the ukulele. Her personal hero is Alexander the Grape. Gran Jam’s favourite quote is “Aren’t you a little sweetie?”.

As a grandmom, she is very caring to all the characters in Shopville, in fact she watches over them. She spreads love and affection on the Shopkins, sweetening their lives with her kind words. Gran Jam is not yet included in the webisode at Shopkins World.

Gran Jam’s Favorites:

Hobbies: Knitting and jamming the ukulele.

Shopkin BFF: Papa Tomato

Hangout Place: Pantry

Gran Jam’s Appearances in Youtube Videos


  • Gran Jam likes to say “”Aren’t you a little sweetie?”

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