Shopkins Character Freezy Peazy

Freezy Peazy is a Special Edition (SE) Shopkin in Season 1. He appears to be a bag of frozen peas. He is a blue bag of peas that has “Peas” written in red. His variant color is a green bag of peas with “Peas” written in green as well.

Both variants show that he’s somehow chilling from freezing over the cold refrigerator. He is a very cool guy! He’s often times referred to as the best rapper of the pod. His friends Cheezey B. and Chee Zee tag along with him and together, they make one heck of rap band!

Freezy Peazy’s Favorites:

Hobby: Rapping with his friends.

Shopkin BFF’s: Cheezey B. and Chee Zee

Hangout Place: Frozen Food Section

Freezy Peazy’s Appearances in Youtube Videos


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