D'lish Donut

Shopkins Character D’lish Donut

D’lish Donut is an ultra rare and limited edition character in Shopkins. She is from season 1 and she belongs to the team, Bakery. She is described to be a vanilla donut with hot pink strawberry frosting with light pink lips. D’lish Donut is coated with blue heart sprinkles.

D’lish Donut has a variant and this is described as a vanilla donut with chocolate frosting with dark pink lips and pink heart sprinkles. An exclusive Limited Edition variant of D’lish Donut from thte Food Fair blind bags is also available. This variant is described as a red velvet donut with shiny gold frosting with pink lips.

In Shopkins, she is known to be the character with super sweet personality but with a competitive edge. She is always trying for the perfect hole. Her Shopkins best friend is Cheeky Chocolate. D’lish Donut loves to hang out in the Bakery section. Her favorite sport is golf because she always gets a hole-in-one!

Moreover, she loves it when there is a light frosting of snow on the ground. If you want to know more about D’lish Donut and the rest of the characters in Shopkins, then visit their Youtube Channel. Join them in their fun activities at Shopkins. Have you already got D’lish Donut in your collections? If you don’t then you need to have one, remember D’lish Donut is a limited edition character.

D`lish Donut’s Favorites:

Hobby: Glazing Pottery

Shopkin BFF: Cheeky Chocolate

Hangout Place: Bakery

D`lish Donut’s Appearances in Youtube Videos


  • D’lish Donut’s variant Limited Edition from the Food Fair blind bags is a limited edition for that side season.

  • This variant is described as having a bling finish, but it differs from the bling finish on the limited editions from Season 2.

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