Shopkins Character Cheeky Chocolate

Cheeky Chocolate is a rare Shopkins character from season 1 which belongs to the team, Sweet Treats. She is a bar of milk chocolate with a yellow wrapper (depicted as blue in artwork and the cartoon) with a pink heart (orange in cartoon) on her forehead.

Cheeky Chocolate’s variant is a bar of white chocolate with a pink wrapper and a purple heart. In addition, there is an exclusive variant of Cheeky Chocolate that is included in the Vending Machine Storage Tin along with Pretz-elle. Feauters of Cheecky Chocolate in this variant is a bar of yellow chocolate with a purple wrapper and a yellow heart.

Another variant of Cheeky Chocolate is included in he Sweet Heart Collection. In this variant, Cheeky Chocolate’s feature is a bar of pink chocolate with a red wrapper and a golden heart. This tough an crazy character is described to be definitely cheeky, and a prankster. She used to laugh and have fun with the other Shopkins character.

Moreover, she is adventurous just like Apple Blossom and she is not afraid to get dirty. Her best friend in Shopkins World includes Candy Kisses, D’lish Donut, and Apple Blossom. She is known for breaking out because of laughter. Cheeky Chocolate’s hobbies are pulling pranks just like what she did to Apple Blossom in an episode in Shopkins World, and melting heart.

Cheeky Chocolate’s Favorites:

Hobby: Pulling pranks and melting hearts

Shopkin BFF: Candy Kisses

Hangout Place: Sweet Treats

Cheeky Chocolate’s Appearances in Shopkins Cartoon


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    Her favorite quote is “Oops! I spilled the beans!” .

  • Connector.

    Cheeky Chocolate loves to laugh. She’s a prankster who isn’t afraid of getting her hands dirty!

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