Shopkins Character Bubbleisha

Bubbleisha is one of the original Shoppies released last October 1, 2015. She is described to be a white girl with big pink eyes, pink eyebrows, and a pink hair styles into two ling pigtails.

She is wearing a sleeveless pink shirt with a purple collar and yellow polka dots, a yellow, pink, and purple bubblegum belt; and a puffy pink skirt with white polka dots. She is also wearing a purple shoes and a pink headband with multicolored bubblegum balls and yellow bow on the top of her head. She is carrying a yellow bubblegum shaped purse.

Bubbleisha comes with two exclusive Shopkins, Bubblicious(Gumball Gabby) and Bubba Gum who are her best friends. They also have purses, and brushes, both in the shape of gumballs.

In Shopkins World, she is a character with sweet and sour personality. With that, she really can burst your bubbles. Bubbleisha’s attitude can sometimes get her into sticky situations but her Shopkins friends, Gumball Gabby and Bubba Gum, know that she can be as sweet as a candy when she wants to.

Her hobby is going into a bubblegum baths. Bubbleisha’s favourite shopping place is “The Dandy Candy Store”. Bubbleisha’s name is a pun on the name “Elisha”. Unfortunately, Bubbleisha is not yet included in the webisode at Shopkins World.

Bubbleisha’s Favorites:

Hobby: Bubblegum Baths

Shopkins BFF: Gumball Gabby and Bubblicious

Place to Shopr: The Dandy Candy Store

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