Shopkins Character Breaky Crunch

Breaky Crunch is a ultra rare character in Shopkins from sesason 1. He belongs to the team, Pantry. He is described to be a pink, opened box of yellow Cheerios. Breaky Crunch is wearing a teal sweatband and has navy blue shoes.

There are yellow Cheerios that rest in his two hands. His variant is a white, opened bos of chocolate Cheerios. He is wearing a lavender sweatband and has dark pink shoes. There are chocolate Cheerios that rest in his two hands.

The artwork depicts him as a purple box of cornflakes (not Cheerios) with a teal sweatband (with a white stripe through the middle), teal shoes (both with white stripe down the center), and weighs in both hands instead of Cheerios.

In Shopkins, his friends described him as a character that is energetic and is always ready to go at moments notice. He is definitely a morning Shopkin! Breaky Crunch’s best friend at Shopkins is Spilt Milk. He loves to hang out in the cereal aisle. Breaky Crunch is not yet included in the webisode in Shopkins World.

Breaky Crunch’s Favorites:

Hobby: Working out

Shopkin BFF: Spilt Milk

Hangout Place: Pantry

Breaky Crunch’s Appearances in Youtube Videos


  • Connector.


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