Shopkins Character Bread Head

Bread Head is a Common Bakery Shopkin from Season 1. His appearance is of a pack of loaf bread. His colors are white that has a pink twist at the top of his head while wearing a lilac rimmed glasses. His variant is of a yellow pack with a blue twist at the top his head.

Also wearing glasses albeit they have a red rimmed one. He has a regular finish which is the norm for Common Shopkins. Bread Head might be cool on the outside, but he is very fluffy on the inside.

Bread Head is independent in a way that he doesn’t care about other people’s opinion about things. And that just shows his confidence on himself when it comes to making the right decisions.

Also he’s quite the chatter box so when you come across this shopkin, make sure you are ready for a long day, or night. Depending on the time you talk to him.

He and his BFF Kooky Cookie can go day and night just talking about stuffs about their everyday lives. He’s often found in the bakery stand.

Bread Head’s Favorites:

Hobby: Chatting on the phone

Shopkin BFF: Kooky Cookie

Hangout Place: Bakery

Bread Head’s Appearances in Youtube Videos


  • Connector.

    Some fans of Shopkins liken Bread Head to Spongebob as they almost have the same features.

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