Apple Blossom

Shopkins Character Apple Blossom

Apple Blossom is a common Shopkins character in season 1 which is basically a green apple with a green big sparkling eyes, and has green leaves with a white flower and a pink worm on her head.

Moreover in merchandise, Apple Blossom comes in variant, she is red in color with green leaves, pink flower, and darker pink worm on the top of her head. In Shopkins, she belongs to the team, Fruit & Vegetables. In spite her cute and adorable face, she is very adventurous and brave. She is also a good and fun friend in Shopkins that is why she has a lot of best friends.

Apple Blossom motivates her friends and help them to accomplish different tasks. She always hangs out in Fruit and Vegetable section in Shopkins together with her friends, Lippy Lips, Kooky Cookie, Spilt Milk, Cheeky Chocolate, Strawberry Kiss, and many more. For the information of everyone, Apple Blossom has a good acting skills, news-casting skills, and has a good singing voice, you can see it for yourself by watching the Season 1 in their Youtube Channel.

Apple Blossom is totally a cutie especially when she says “Check This Out!” which is her favorite quote. That makes her more adorable. Isn’t it? No wonder many children likes her, especially the ones who constantly watch and subscribe Shopkins episodes in Shopkins World Youtube Channel. This collectible is very common in the market that is why you do not have to worry if you lost your cute Apple Blossom toy.

Are you curious to know and meet Apple Blossom right now? If you are, then log into YouTube and search for Shopkins World to know more about the cute and sweet Apple Blossom together with her various friends in Shopkins. Check out their fun adventures in every episode!

Apple Blossom’s Favorites:

Color: Granny Smith Green

Vacation Destination: Mount Fuji

Weather: Crisp Fall Day

Dance Move: The Worm

Apple Blossom’s Appearances in Shopkins Cartoon


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    In Shopkins, It is confirmed that Apple Blossom is currently the only character to have more than 2 friends in their bio.

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    The Apple Blossom collectible toy have larger eyes compared to other collectibles.

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    Apple Blossom’s green variant is mostly featured in merchandise. The first merchandise to feature her red is her Cuddle Cubes plush.

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