Shopkins Character Pretz-elle

Pretz-elle is a Rare Party Food Shopkin from Shopkins Season 1. She is pretzel with light color and white salt. Her eyes are winking and she is sticking her tongue out.

In addition, her variation is a darker colored pretzel that has yellow salt on it. Pretz-elle’s eye is still winking and her tongue still sticking out of her mouth.

There is a pink version of her that is included in the Vending Machine Storage Tin with her friend Cheeky Chocolate.

Pretz-elle’s Favorites:

Hobby: Gymnastics

Shopkin BFF: Sally Shakes

Hang-out Place: Party Section

Pretz-elle’s Appearances in Youtube


  • The name Pretz-elle is a pun of “Estelle” and “Pretzel’.

  • Her artwork shows both of her eyes open, while in her actual toy her other eye is winking.