Jelly B

Shopkins Character Jelly B

Jelly B is a Rare Sweet Treats Shopkin from Shopkins Season 1. She is a red bag of colorful jelly beans, also she is really a happy go lucky one! “Jelly” is printed on her.

In addition, her other variation is a color blue bag of beans, the word “Jelly” is printed on her. Jelly B’s Artwork is different looking from the Collector’s Tool, in her artwork the beans are having different colors while on the collector’s pamphlet it is just pink.

Jelly B’s Favorites:

Hobby: Skipping

Shopkin BFF: Candy Kisses

Hang-out Place: Sweet Treats

Jelly B’s Appearances in Youtube


  • She can be found in the 5 Pack, 12 Pack, and Mega Pack.