Ice Cream Dream

Shopkins Character Ice Cream Dream

Ice Cream Dream is a Special Edition Frozen Shopkin from Shopkin Season 1. An orange open tub of vanilla ice cream with blue ice cream scooper. There is a yellow label on her forehead that read Shopkins. In her artwork she appears to be throwing a tantrum.
Moreover, her other variation color is a pink open tub of chocolate ice cream with yellow ice cream scooper inside. There is white label on her head that reads “Shopkins”. Also, she still looks like she is crying over a brain freeze.

Ice Cream Dream’s Favorites:

Hobby: Igloo Building

Shopkin BFF: Cheeky Chocolate

Hang-out Place: Frozen Section

ice Cream Dream’s Appearances in Youtube


  • There is also an Ice-Cream Dream in Season 2. In addition, there are also released Shopkins with similar names, like, Ice Cream Queen, Ice Cream Cup, and Ice Cream Kate.