Fairy Crumbs

Shopkins Character Fairy Crumbs

Fairy Crumbs is a Common Party Food Shopkin from Shopkins Season 1. She is slice of white bread with brown crust, she is also sprinkled with blue sprinkles. On both of her side she has two rolls of butter.

Moreover, her variation is a slice of yellow fairy bread with pink crust with green sprinkles. On the side of her both head there is two rolls of white butter.

In addition, she has two exclusive variants from the Food Fair Blind Bags. One, is a pink fair bread slice that fades into yellow with pink crust and pink sprinkles. On top of her head, she has two purple rolls of butter.

The second one is a slice of purple fairy bread that fades into blue. Her crust is purple with green sprinkles. Plus, two rolls of green butter on both of her side head.

Fairy Crumbs’ Favorites:

Hobby: Going to Parties!

Shopkin BFF: Soda Pops

Hang-out Place: arty Food Aisle

Fairy Crumbs’ Appearances in Youtube


  • Fairy Bread is most popular food in Australia and New Zealand. A sliced white bread with margarine spread or just butter and sprinkled with colorful sprinkles.