Cheezey B.

Shopkins Character Cheezey B.

Cheezey B. is Rare Party Food Shopkin from Shopkins Season 1. A yellow bun cheeseburger with light green lettuce, golden cheese and ketchup. Moreover, his other variation is an orange bun cheeseburger with dark green lettuce, golden cheese and red ketchup.

Additionally, he has a pink bun variant that is included in the Vending Machine Storage Tin. He’s a shopkin who never stops rhyming. “I love to rap, so let’s all clap, take off your hat and dat is dat. ok not my work” some sick rhyme from him.

Cheezy B.’s Favorites:

Hobby: Rapping with his BFF’s

Shopkin BFF’s: Freezy Peazy and Chee Zee

Hang-out Place: Party Food Section

Cheezey B.’s Appearances in Youtube


  • Bad Beef Can has only 10,000 toys released worldwide.