Candy Kisses

Shopkins Character Candy Kisses

Candy Kisses is a Rare Sweet Treats Shopkin from the Shopkins Season 1. He is romantic and smooth! Even though he hasn’t gotten any date yet. Candy Kisses is a blue conversation candy heart with violet top hat. There is an “I Love You” written on him with yellow letters.

In addition, his variation is a mint green conversation candy heart, with darker purple top hat. An “I Love You” were written on him with lavender letters.

In his artwork, he is seen as a pink conversation candy heart with black top hat and a red band. “I Love You” were written on him with dark pink letters. Also, he wears black and white shoes and he carries a bouquet of red roses.

He has an exclusive variant that is included in the Sweet Heart Collection. This features him as a white conversation candy heart that fades to pink at the bottom. Moreover, he is wearing a red top hat and the “I Love You” were written in gold letters.

Candy Kisses’ Favorites:

Hobby: Writing Poetry

Shopkin BFF: Candi Cotton

Hang-out Place: In the Sweet Treats section

Candy Kisses’ Appearances in Youtube


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