Shopkins Character Hot Apple Pie

Apple Pie is an exclusive Shopkins character from Season 1 which is describe to be a literal apple pie (Yellow Apple Pie on the Shopkins Website and Golden Brown in artwork) with three apples leaves which is orange in color on the top of her head and has a little apple on her hand. She is also described to be gentle and warm on the inside but with a thick skin.

Apple Pie is included in the Spin Mix Bakery Stand Playset together with Rolly Roll. She is the sister of Apple Blossom. In Shopkins’ YouTube Channel, Apple Pie is not in the episodes because she is an exclusive character. In merchandise, she is only available in Spin Mix Bakery Stand Playset which has a mixer with a sprinkled doughnut on top, a basket, 2 shopping bags, 2 trays, and a compartment for Apple Pie and Rolly Roll.

Apple Pie is so cute while biting her little apple on her hand. Just like Apple Blossom, she is also so adorable. So you should collect her and see for yourself. This collectible toy is a good gift for your siblings, kids, nieces, cousins, and etc who love to play such toys like this.

Hot Apple Pie’s Favorites:

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Hangout Place: Exclusive

Hot Apple Pies’ Appearances in Youtube Videos


  • Connector.

    She is simply called “Apple Pie” on the official Shopkins website.

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