Terrible Tomato Sauce

Grossery Gang Character Terrible Tomato Sauce

Terrible Tomato Sauce is a Common Awful Sauces Grossery from Series 1. He is a bottle of expired Tomato Sauce, left eye is bigger than his right eye. Its his mouth is full of vomit and there is dripping sauce on the top of his head. Terrible Tomato Sauce has three variants. A blue slimy bottle of expire tomato sauce with gooey red sauce dripping out, in his Grossery Gang artwork he is vomiting a whole tomato. The second variant is a red bottle with green slime coming out of his head. Also he is vomiting a green tomato. The third variant is an Exclusive, a green bottle with yellow cap. Red sauce dripping out of his head, and there is a red tomato on his mouth. This variant can only be found in Vile Vending Machine. It’s so rotten and sticky, it makes anything icky!


Terrible Tomato Sauce’s Favorites:

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Hang-out Place: Awful Sauces

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