Stale Muffin

Grossery Gang Character Stale Muffin

Stale Muffin is a Common Half Baked Bakery Grossery from Series 1. Stale Muffin is a spoiled and moldy muffin; his left top part is bitten off. His eyelids are hooded and his face is full of warts. There are three variants of Stale Muffin. A red muffin with light brown on the top. The second alteration, a muffin with blue face with dark brown top and green slime on the right side. On the left top side, it is bitten off. While the third variant has a gray color with brown top and green slime, the difference is that the bitten off part is on the right side. The gray variation can only be found in Vile Vending Machine. While the two other variants can be found in 2 pack, 4 pack and 10 pack Grossery Gang toy merchandise. It’s the muffin top that smells like bottom!


Stale Muffin’s Favorites:

Hobby: Coming Soon

Grossery BFF: Coming Soon

Hang-out Place: Half Baked Bakery

Stale Muffin’s Appearances in Youtube

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  • His artwork and actual toy figures has is different. The actual toys have separate color scheme between the muffin wrapper and top.