Fungus Fries

Grossery Gang Character Fungus Fries

Fungus Fries is a Common Gross Greasies Grossery from Series 1. He is a moldy french fries with a gooey green slime dripping out his box. His big eyes are crossed, and he only got one buck tooth. His variant is a color purple box and a yellow with molds fries. Fungus is impulsive, he has a tendency to ruin plans with his mates. Most of his friends can’t say mad at him because of his happy personality. He is just so happy, it’s kind of unnerving!

Fungus Fries’ Favorites:

Hobby: Coming Soon

Grossery BFF: Coming Soon

Hang-out Place: Gross Greasies

Fungus Fries’ Appearances in Youtube


  • Connector.

    Stench fries and Fungus fries are similar. Stench Fries is a Trashie form Trash Pack Series 1.