Faked Beanz

Grossery Gang Character Faked Beanz

Faked Beanz is a Limited Edition Trashed Cans Grossery from the Grossery Gang Series 1. A can of baked beans that has a green label. The label of his logo has a slime coated beans impaled by a fork that says “Baked Beanz”.

There is a leaking bean juice from his top and has some around his mouth. His eyes are looking upwards and his thing tongue is sticking out. In addition, there are ants trailing down on his bottom side.

Faked Beanz’ Favorites:

Hobby: N/A

Grossery BFF: N/A

Hang-out Place: Trashed Cans

Faked Beanz’ Appearances in Youtube

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  • The design of him is a parody of Heinz Baked Beans can.

  • Rarest Limited Edition, only having 100 released worldwide.

  • He is similar to Crud Can, a series 1 Trashie of the Trash Pack. he resembles Bart Beans to, a Season 2 Shopkin.

  • The only Trashed Can that has the same unchanged art on his catalog art. With only minimal color changes.