Cruddy Cat Food

Grossery Gang Character Cruddy Cat Food

Cruddy Cat Food is a Limited Edition Trashed Cans from the Grossery Gang Series 1. He is a blue and purple tin can of cat food. His name can be seen on his label. There is a leaking slime from the top of his tin head, and splatters of cat food on his side and on top of his mouth. He has a silly face expression/ His tongue is sticking out of his mouth. There is only one variation of him, and it has a different label. The Label written on the other variant tin was “Purrfecto”

Cruddy Cat Food’s Favorites:

Hobby: N/A

Grossery BFF: N/A

Hang-out Place: Trashed Can

Cruddy Cat Food’s Appearances in Youtube

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  • There are only 1,000 available of him worldwide.

  • His catalog art shows the brand Purrfecto written with a yellow font.

  • He is similar to Teena Catfood, a Trashie from the Trash Pack Series 4.