Barf Bagel

Grossery Gang Character Barf Bagel

Barf Bagel is from the Half Baked Bakery of Grossery Series One. It has a two different variant. A color brown rotten Bagel and a color green rotten bagel. It’s a hole lot of mold that tastes so good. It looks like it is smiling with vomit and dribble on its mouth. Lots of green and blue molds are surrounding the flabby bagel. It also has a green and white cream that looks like it is already spoiling. It looks like that he looks happy with how It turns out!

MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF: GRIME, SMELLY VOMIT and GROSS DRIBBLE!from the Awful Sauces Team of Grossery Gang. Additionally, the slimy soy is what really brings no joy! nnIT MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF: Oil, Grumpiness and some nasty nose hair!nnHe is a greasy bottle of soy sauce. He has a Fu Manchu mustache and that grumpy expression of his face. He really

Barf Bagel’s Favorites:

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Grossery BFF: Coming Soon

Hang-out Place: Half Baked Bakery

Barf Bagel’s Appearances in Youtube

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    Also, he is similar to Boggy Bagel, a Seriees 2 Trashie from the Trash Pack. Barf Bagel has also a resemblance with Bagel Billy from Shopkin Series 4.

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    Barf Bagel’s actual toy figure is just simply a bagel, despite him being a sandwich bagel on his static art.