Shopkins Cartoon Episode 18 The Spatula

Shopkins Cartoon Episode 18 The Spatula

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Shopkins Cartoon Episode 18 The Spatula

Greetings from Shopkins. Now is the season finale of “The Spatula”. The finalists are Lippy Lips, Suzi Sundae and Kooky Cookie. Also this game show is hosted by Apple Blossom. Let’s all find folks. Let us all come down to this moment. Who will Slick Bread Stick choose for the final rose? Let’s see how our finalists went this week. Lippy Lips was so attracted to the thing she saw and said that she has never seen anything like that. “It’s so beautiful!” Lippy Lips said. So Slick Bread Stick thought that Lippy Lips was telling him that he’s beautiful. But Slick Bread Stick was wrong.

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Lippy Lips says beautiful, not to Slick Bread Stick but to a dress in the fashion boutique. Lippy Lips ran quickly and get in the fashion boutique to get the dress. Slick Bread Stick was shocked and sad. Slick Bread Stick was playing with his guitar and pretending to be dating a girl because Suzi Sundae did not come to their date. Once, Slick Bread Stick and Kooky Cookie was playing a game. Slick Bread Stick hit the button with the hammer but it does not passed the highest line.

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Slick Bread Stick thought that it must be a prank because he was so strong. But then Kooky Cookie jumped on the button, many times. Slick Bread Stick was so shocked because it passed the highest line. So Slick Bread Stick choose Kooky Cookie for the final rose. But when Slick Bread Stick gave Kooky Cookie the rose, Kooky Cookie just eat it. Lippy Lips and Suzi Sundae laughed at Slick Bread Stick. Well that’s all for this season!

To be continued…
Featured Characters on Shopkins Cartoon Episode 18:
Apple Blossom,Lippy Lips,Suzie Sundae,Kookie Cookie,Slick Bread

Toys Available:
toytoy5suzie sundae toytoy4Slick Breadstick toys

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