Shopkins Cartoon – Episode 2 Acting Up Summary

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Shopkins Cartoon – Episode 2 Acting Up Summary

Apple Blossoms’ countenance was so terrified that Lippy Lips was so concerned and asked her if something was not right for her. Instantly, she changed her facial expression and said that she was fine and was just acting up and like someone scared of something. Lippy Lip said that she really thought that she has an awesome talent in acting because she made her believe that it was for real. Apple Blossoms also thought of letting Strawberry Kiss to act scared of Cheesy Monster but she said she does not know how to act scared.

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Apple Blossoms insisted and persuaded her that she should try acting and keep trying till she knows how to perform. She then tried and tried but Lippy Lip was not impressed at all of her acting. Another try but Lippy Lip was never happy of her performance. Strawberry was so disappointed that she could not make it but deep inside her really wants to act as good as Apple Blossoms.

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Feeling disgusted, she accidentally moved the shelf of the cheese and unexpectedly, a cheese fell on her head to her shock. She ran to and fro thinking that what fell down was Cheesy Monster and she really was very, very scared. Lippy Lip seeing Strawberry going wild in fear, running to and fro the place followed by the round cheese, applauded her thinking that she was just acting and she is doing it very, very well. Apple Blossoms knows that Strawberry was not acting but was really scared of the Cheese Monster who followed her wherever she went. Because of her fear, she ran as fast as she can until she stumbled and fell flat on her face.

To be continued…

Featured Characters in this Episode:
Apple Blossoms, Lippy Lips, Strawberry Kiss, Cheesy Monster

Toys Available:
Apple Blossomslippy lipsStrawberry Kiss

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