Shopkins Cartoon – Episode 1: Check it Out Summary

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Shopkins Cartoon – Episode 1: Check it Out Summary

Welcome to Shopville! Let us say Hi to the pretty Apple Blossom, cute Kooky Cookie and the amazing Cheeky Chocolate who happily lived in Shopkins. It is a small, cozy and relaxing mart in Shopville. So let me tell you a tale of what happened in here.

shopkins ep1_2
One day, Cheeky Chocolate made a frightening challenge to her friends, Apple Blossoms and Kooky Cookie to a Shopkins Leap-Off which Apple Blossoms agreed to do but scared and petrified cute Kooky Cookie. Cheeky Chocolate did the first leap-off and happily succeeded in her effort to jump from one place to another. Now it is pretty Apple Blossoms turn to do the Leap-off challenge. After some leaps, tricks and rounds, she, Apple Blossoms did the competition as good as Cheeky Chocolates. Gaily with so much tiredness and exhaustion, they went back to where Kooky Cookie was and made some attempt to convince her to do the challenge and finally she was persuaded to do the leap-off.

shopkins ep1_3
Though terrified, hesitantly, she jumped higher and higher and hanged to and fro and started to like the feeling of being swung up and down, up and down while her two friends, Apple Blossoms and Cheeky Chocolate was very surprised at what Kooky Cookie was able to do despite her fear beforehand. Up and down, up and down went Kooky Cookie and finally landed on a soft pillow happily, enjoying the competition and overcoming her fear.

Featured Characters in this Episode:
Apple Blossom, Kooky Cookie, Cheeky Chocolate.

Toys Available:
shopkin ep_1 char 1shopkin ep_1 char 2shopkin ep_1 char 3

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