Shopkins Cartoon Episode 9 Christmas Sing Along

Shopkins Cartoon Episode 9 Christmas Sing Along

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Shopkins Cartoon Episode 9 Christmas Sing Along

Christmas season is in Shopkins! All of them are singing and dancing Christmas carols, hymns and songs. Lippy Lips also carols to all who listens. Spilt Milk tries to run away from them but slippery snow gets in her way! And she stumbled in some snow. Strawberry Kiss also wraps all her presents with beautiful wrappers. Cheeky Chocolate tries to steal one gift and a glimpse, but Strawberry Kiss catches him every time he takes a glimpse. They were all happy, laughing and also preparing for Shopkins Christmas! They were all in their Christmas hats, costumes and spirits. Deck aisles.

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Now it is time to dress the Christmas tree. Put Christmas balls, lights and decorations. Just do not give the star to Kooky Cookie! Because she might ruin the Christmas tree! Kooky Cookie closely fall on the tree and everyone panicked, but anyway the star was put perfectly on top of the tree! Everyone sighed in relief. And all the Shopkins came and gathered together!

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A gift of laughter for each other! There is a new toy! Dum Mee Mee! Everyone couldn’t express their happiness on that day of Christmas! They did not expect Lippy Lips to sing the highest note on the last part of the song. Everyone was so amazed in her singing and because the notes she sang was so high, it became so irritating to the ears of the audience. Season’s greetings from Shopkins!

To be continued…
Featured Characters on Shopkins Cartoon Episode 9 Christmas Sing Along:
Strawberry Kiss,Spilt Milk,Kooky Cookie,Lippy Lips,Apple Blossom,Cheeky Chocolate,Dum Mee Mee

Toys Available:
toy3toy2toy4toy5toytoy1dum mee mee toys

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