Shopkins Cartoon Episode 8 Beauty Pageant

Shopkins Cartoon Episode 8 Beauty Pageant

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Shopkins Cartoon Episode 8 Beauty Pageant

There was a beauty pageant in Shopkins. Three contestants were fighting to get the crown of “Miss Shopville”, Strawberry Kiss, Kooky Cookie and Spilt Milk. But sadly, Spilt Milk couldn’t join the beauty pageant because of an accident. The pageant was hosted by Lippy Lips. The winner of this contest will be represented by a “Mystery Guest” who will be revealed later. Everyone was so excited to start it. So when the show started, Strawberry Kiss first walked on the stage on her colorful, fruity, fabulous and beautiful hat. Everyone was so amazed in Strawberry Kiss.

episode 8 beatuy pageant 1
Up next is Kooky Cookie. But Kooky was a bit shy and while she walks on the stage she stumbled in some tissues on the floor. The people were shocked and surprised when the tissues became a dress for Kooky Cookie. Lippy Lips said that it may be a plus points for Kooky.

episode 8 beatuy pageant 2
Strawberry Kiss was so angry because Kooky Cookie might win the pageant. Next was the question and answer portion. The question was: what is your wish in the wealth? Strawberry Kiss first answers the question, “I want to see Katy Perry because she’s amazing.” Strawberry Kiss answered. Kooky Cookie answered too. “Peas….” Kooky Cookie answered. Everyone clapped. “How selfless!” Lippy Lips said. Strawberry Kiss was again angry in Kooky because she has the bigger chance of winning. “So…I guess we have a winner” Lippy Lips said. And also Lippy announced the winner. The winner is Kooky Cookie! Kooky was crowned “Miss Shopville” by the last “Miss Shopville”- Cupcake Cling! And when one pea fell from the head of Strawberry Kiss, Kooky get it and put it back again in Strawberry Kiss head. Strawberry, said that Kooky was truly a “Miss Shopville”.

To be continued…
Featured Characters on Shopkins Cartoon Episode 8 Beauty Pageant:
Strawberry Kiss,Spilt Milk,Kooky Cookie,Lippy Lips,Cupcake Queen

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