Shopkins Cartoon Episode 17 Fashion Fever

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Shopkins Cartoon Episode 17 Fashion Fever

There was a long, long line in the front of the fashion boutique. In front of the line stood Lippy Lips. Toasty Pop wondered what they were lining up for. So he asked Lippy Lips, “Who is in front of the line?”. Lippy Lips answered that the famous fashion designer, Shavy Diva is going to Shopville and is going to find a model for her magazine. While Toasty Pop was talking, Lippy Lips suddenly screamed seeing the famous fashion designer’s arrival. Everyone wanted to take the autograph of Shavy Diva while shouting. There are so many cameras around her. Lippy Lips really hoped that she will be chosen to be Shavy Diva’s model. So she entered the fashion boutique to wear beautiful clothes. The moment, Shavy Diva got down of the stairs, there she saw Toasty Pop. Shavy Diva asked Toasty Pop of what he is.

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So Toasty Pop answered and said that he is a toaster. Lippy Lips got out of the fashion boutique, Toasty Pop saw Lippy Lips and was shocked. The bread in the toaster of Toasty Pop, popped and jumped on the face of Shavy Diva. Lippy Lips got so angry. So Toasty Pop said sorry to Shavy Diva, many times. Lippy Lips thought that Shavy Diva will get angry to Toasty Pop, but Shavy Diva wants more Toasty Pop and wants him to be a model for her magazine.

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Lippy Lips was so shocked! But Toasty Pop said no to Shavy Diva. He knew that he is amazing in the way he was. But still Shavy Diva wants him to be a model and tells him that if he changes his mind, he can always call her. Toasty Pop also convinced Shavy Diva if she could get Lippy Lips, but she declined. Lippy Lips cried in sadness. So Shavy Diva left Lippy Lips and Toasty Pop. Lippy Lips felt so sad. So Toasty Pop tried to cheer her up by telling everyone that Shavy Diva chose her instead to become a model.

To be continued…
Featured Characters on Shopkins Cartoon Episode 17 Fashion Fever:
Lippy Lips,Toasty Pop,Shady
Toys Available:
toy5toasty pop toysshady toys

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