Shopkins Cartoon Episode 16 Welcome to Shopville

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Shopkins Cartoon Episode 16 Welcome to Shopville

Apple Blossom was recording the outside world of Shopkins. She seemed so happy. So many things happened in the last few days. For example, they met the sweetest new Shopkin named Suzi Sundae who greeted Apple Blossom and waved at her. They have moved to the most food-tastic place ever! The Shopville! There are many stores that can be seen in the camera while recording: The fashion boutiques; ice cream shops; and malls. In the fashion boutique, stood Strawberry Kiss. Strawberry Kiss bought a lot in there. But because of the weight of the things she bought was so heavy, she fell down on the stairs and felt dizzy.

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Who knew there were such a great big world outside the small mart. But they are some that leaving was not easy for them, like Cheeky Chocolate. Cheeky Chocolate was not ready yet and was too scared to go out. But Suzi Sundae convinced him and said that nothing will hurt on the outside. Cheeky Chocolate was convinced too and was ready to go out until a bunch of people bumped on him and caused him to fall down. Suzi Sundae said that inside however is a different story.

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Well Cheeky Chocolate is already fine now. In the outside world, there is so much to see, do and learn. Apple Blossom turned the camera to a big building. She asked Suzi Sundae of what it is. She said it was the stationery of Shopville. When they turned the camera to it, they saw Split Milk. Spilt Milk used the big pencil in the front of the door. When he was going to use the pencil, he was shocked when it turned black so he ran as fast as he could. Well that’s all for now. Can’t wait to share new adventures with you…

To be continued…
Featured Characters on Shopkins Cartoon Episode 16 Welcome to Shopville:
Cheeky Chocolate,Apple Blossom,Suzie Sundae

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