Shopkins Cartoon Episode 15 The Mystery of the Doors

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Shopkins Cartoon Episode 15 The Mystery of the Doors

Cheeky Chocolate was staring seriously on the doors of a shop. So Apple Blossom and Lippy Lips was curious and asked Cheeky Chocolate of what he was thinking. He said that he was curious of what’s inside the doors and what they know about them. Apple Blossom and Lippy Lips quickly answered that all they know is that they open and close and it’s also color blue. But Cheeky Chocolate already knew that. What Cheeky Chocolate meant, is what’s behind it. So Lippy Lips shared that Toasty Pop was stuck in there once but Lippy Lips thinks that it was not counted. Apple Blossom also shares that Slick Bread Stick tells her that behind it is a land of mysterious monsters called “ants” and were going to eat them. Lippy Lips was so horrified and scared. But Cheeky Chocolate said to Lippy Lips that Slick Bread Stick was only trying to scare them and there is no such thing as “ant monsters”. Apple Blossom laughed and figured that it is a funny story, though. Lippy Lips said that they have very different definitions of “fun”.

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Cheeky Chocolate was still finding of what is past the doors. So Apple Blossom advised Cheeky Chocolate that maybe he should look inside. Lippy Lips agreed with this idea too. But Cheeky Chocolate explained that he could not walk up to the door and wait for it to open and walk outside. While Cheeky Chocolate was talking and turned his face around, he did not notice Kooky Cookie walked up to the door and went in it.

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Cheeky Chocolate was shocked and screamed calling Kooky Cookie. Apple Blossom tried to keep them calm and assures him that Kooky was fine. But still Cheeky was worried because maybe the “ant monsters” ate Kooky Cookie! Lippy Lips was worried too. Apple Blossom was confident and told her friends that it’s just a story and besides if it is true, the ants could have already went in through that door and eat all of them. The door opened again but after all, it was just Kooky Cookie and another shopkin friend.

To be continued…
Featured Characters on Shopkins Cartoon Episode 15 The Mystery of the Doors:
Cheeky Chocolate,Lippy Lips,Apple Blossom,Kooky Cookie,Suzie Sundae

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