Shopkins Cartoon Episode 14 Super Hero

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Shopkins Cartoon Episode 14 Super Hero

Strawberry Kiss, Apple Blossom, Toasty Pop and Kooky Cookie were talking about the mysterious Shopkins. Apple bottom said “have you heard about the mysterious a shopkin?” Strawberry Kiss said “He appears from the shadows helping Shopkins in need!”. “Like a superhero? Kind of far fetch to me” Toasty Pop utter. Then Apple blossom told Strawberry Kiss, Toasty Pop and Kooky Cookie that she saw it with her own eyes, when she was playing along with Dum Mee Mee. While suddenly the pile of cans came crashing down. That’s when the mysterious Shopkin appeared who is just a Shadow. Apple Blossom then saw a shadow flying up in a distance.

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Then Strawberry Kiss told them that she was also saved by the mysterious shopkin hero while she was cleaning the shelves, when suddenly a clouds of dust came out of nowhere. Strawberry Kiss sneezed and she almost fell on to the floor that’s when the mysterious shopkin hero rescued her. Strawberry Kiss then thanked the mysterious shopkin hero but she did not even saw the who or what is its face. But Strawberry Kiss was still on top of the shelves, and does not know how to get down on the floor.

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After Strawberry Kiss shared her story about what happened to her. Apple Blossom said she wish that she would know who the mysterious shopkin so she could thank her or him. Strawberry Kiss and Toasty Pop agreed too, and said that maybe that it may just be one of the Shopkins. When they ask Kooky Cookie about if she has any idea who the mysterious hero could be, Kooky Cookie is nowhere to be found. Toasty Pop then said that maybe Kooky Cookie is the “Mysterious Shopkin Hero”. Then all of the three cute little Shopkins just laughed about the idea of it.

To be continued…
Featured Characters on Shopkins Cartoon Episode 14 Super Hero:
Strawberry Kiss,Apple Blossom,Toasty Pop,Kookie Cookie

Toys Available:
Strawberry Kisstoytoasty pop toystoy4

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