Shopkins Cartoon Episode 13 Shopkins of the Wild

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Shopkins Cartoon Episode 13 Shopkins of the Wild

Welcome Shoppers to another day of adventure and discovery! As we bring you Shopkins of the Wild. We start our journey with Spilt Milk otherwise known as CLEANUPUS-IN-AISLE-FOURUS who’s refining her native camouflage skills. This carton of a milk, ability concealment is second to member. He encountered the ferociously and fiery Toasty Pop, otherwise known as TOAST-US BURNT-A-LOTUS. Hunting in her natural habitat.

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As she patiently stalks her prey. Her movement renders to her victim who is Slick Bread Stick who is playing with his guitar and completely unaware that suddenly, the bread of Toasty Pop in his toaster pops out. Clearly this toaster has a lot to learn, and finally after months of waiting.

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The baby faced shoppers Baby Dum Mee Mee is about to take her first steps. How magical and beautiful this delicate young Shopkin. After Lippy Lips introduced Baby Dum Mee Mee, her phone rang. It was Strawberry Kiss who called her. Strawberry Kiss asked Lippy Lips to come over to her place, and Lippy Lips replied to her that it is not a problem, she can come over after an hour and she did tell Strawberry Kiss how fantastic it is for inviting her over. Lippy Lips then told Strawberry Kiss that she got to go. While Lippy Lips was still on her phone she did not notice that baby Dum Mee Mee was dancing behind her back. Dum Mee Mee who’s also known as SHOPPUS-DUMMY-MEE-DIAPER-WIPER is twirling and dancing gracefully in Lippy Lips back. After that phone call from Strawberry Kiss, Lippy Lips said that it looks like we might be waiting for Dum Mee Mee to be fully bloom. Little did she know that Dum Mee Mee did already bloom while she was on her phone with Strawberry Kiss. She missed to see the wonderful twirling and dancing of baby Dum Mee Mee. Lippy Lips finally said her goodbye. Probably she is excited to see Strawberry Kiss! Check you later she said.

To be continued…
Featured Characters on Shopkins Cartoon Episode 13 Shopkins of the Wild:
Lippy Lips, Slick Breadstick, Spilt Milk, Toasty Pop, and Dum Mee Mee

Toys Available:
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