Shopkins Cartoon Episode 12 The Big Cheeky Hunt

Shopkins Cartoon Episode 12 The Big Cheeky Hunt

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Shopkins Cartoon Episode 12 The Big Cheeky Hunt

All the Shopkins folks gathered together. It is time for their Annual Chocolate Hunt! So they will going to find Cheeky Chocolate somewhere in the store. If they successfully find and catches Cheeky Chocolate, they could win a fluffy teddy bear and a brand new car. But if they fail, Cheeky Chocolate can get the fluffy teddy bear and the brand new car. So the Annual Chocolate Hunt started and everyone runs as fast as they could except for Kooky Cookie. She just stand still on the starting line. Apple Blossom questioned Kooky Cookie if she is going to run, but she says no. She also asked if she is going to look for Cheeky Chocolate and says yes. Apple Blossom wondered but says good luck to Kooky Cookie. So Apple Blossom started running to find Cheeky Chocolate. Strawberry Kiss and Lippy Lips started finding Cheeky Chocolate too.

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They were talking with each other and said that they should double the chance of winning. They did not notice Cheeky Chocolate in the back. Cheeky Chocolate ran quietly away from Strawberry Kiss and Lippy Lips. Slick Bread Stick was also finding Cheeky Chocolate. He passed some mirrors and was attracted to his face. He said that he was so handsome and did not notice again Cheeky Chocolate on his side. Cheeky laughed and ran quietly. He was so confident that he could win this contest. Meanwhile, Apple Blossom was still looking for Cheeky Chocolate. Cheeky Chocolate thinks that he should go to his hiding spot. Apple Blossom thinks where Cheeky Chocolate might be hiding, when a loud scream is heard asking for help. It was Cheeky Chocolate.

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Strawberry Kiss, Apple Blossom and Slick Bread Stick were alarmed. Apple Blossom ran quickly and found Kooky Cookie on top of Cheeky Chocolate. Cheeky asks Apple Blossom if she could get Kooky Cookie because it was too heavy. Apple Blossom wondered how Kooky catch Cheeky. Cheeky Chocolate explained that he thought no one would be silly to still be on the starting line when Kooky fall from the top. So Kooky Cookie win the Annual Chocolate Hunt. Kooky Cookie chose between the fluffy teddy bear and the brand new car. She quickly ran and chose the fluffy teddy bear!

To be continued…
Featured Characters on Shopkins Cartoon Episode 11:
Apple Blossom,Cheeky Chocolate,Lippy Lips,Kooky Cookie,Strawberry Kiss,Slick Breadstick

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