Shopkins Cartoon Episode 11 Lovers Day

Shopkins Cartoon Episode 11 Lovers Day

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Shopkins Cartoon Episode 11 Lovers Day

Lippy Lips and Kooky Cookie were making hearts and cards for Valentine’s Day! They were so happy and Lippy Lips said that nothing can ruin her happiness and mood on that day. And while they are doing their Valentine’s Day card, the charming Slick Bread Stick came out with his little guitar and wants to court Lippy Lips. She describes Lippy Lips as beautiful as fresh toast and her lips as red as beetroots. But angrily Lippy Lips did not want Slick Bread Stick and say no to him. So Slick Bread Stick turn to Kooky Cookie and also wants to court her, but again Kooky Cookie said no to Slick Bread Stick.

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So Slick Bread Stick go and wondered if he could be losing his charm. Meanwhile, when Strawberry Kiss was putting a pink heart in a shelf, the heart fall down. So Strawberry Kiss get it, and when she stood up, in there again was Slick Bread Stick. Slick Bread Stick again asked Strawberry Kiss to join him to eat on a special date but Strawberry Kiss was not hungry and again said no to Slick Bread Stick. So Strawberry Kiss, Lippy Lips and Kooky Cookie talked. “This needs to stop!” Strawberry Kiss said. And all the three girls agreed. So they made a plan. Lippy Lips thought of it and laughed so hard like a witch and in excitement, Lippy Lips forgot to tell her friends the plan, but it’s good that Strawberry Kiss remember it, “So are you going to tell us the plan?” Strawberry Kiss questioned. “Oh, right!” Lippy Lips remembered. So Lippy Lips tell her friends the plan.

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Slick Bread Stick was looking for the three girls. Lippy Lips called him and asked him to sing a song for her. Kooky Cookie and Strawberry Kiss gave a smack on Slick Bread Stick’s cheeks and the three of them keep on kissing him that his face was now full of lipstick marks. So he ran for help because he was full of kisses from the girls. The three girls laughed and laughed.

To be continued…
Featured Characters on Shopkins Cartoon Episode 11 Lovers Day:
Lippy Lips,Kooky Cookie,Strawberry Kiss,Slick Breadstick

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