Splashlings Episode 6 Crowning Glory

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Splashlings Episode 6 Crowning Glory

After discovering and taking hold of the four treasures: Serena Scepter, Trudy Trident, Holly Heartstone and Pinchy Pearl, the three mermaids, Ava, Pasha and Laila moved swiftly to get to their final destination, the Sea Mount Neptune before the Caribbean Mer-Pirates be freed from Leah the Whale’s belly and mess with the 4 treasures that are now in their possession. Using the Treasure Map which was the remain of what Cuddles had eaten, the trio went ahead and Mermaid Ellie was left behind with Leah the Whale to recapture the vicious Mer-Pirates who tries to steal the treasures from them.

After a while, Ava, Pasha and Laila reached the Sea Mount Neptune and went inside locking the entrance behind. Additionally, inside the Sea Mount Neptune, they saw a big, beautiful shell but they were wondering how they could open it when they already have used up every treasure map that was used in opening the shells where the four treasures were discovered. As they were figuring out how to open the shell, Pasha found out that there were figures or images outside the shell that jive with the 4 treasures in their treasure bag. They then realized that that the 4 treasures may be the keys to open the shell of the final treasure.

Furthermore, the treasure bag was opened and came the 4 treasures out and went to their respective position in the shell and behold, the shell opened wide and in awe, they saw three attractive golden crowns which each one of them took and put on their heads. A voice from the shell was heard praising the trio for the job well-done, for their will-power and single-mindedness to gather all the treasures they were tasked to find.
To be continued…
Characters Featured in this Episode:
Three Pirates, Three Mermaids, Mermaid Ellie,Three Sea Horses, Leah the Whale, Serena Scepter, Trudy Trident, Holly Heartstone and Pinchy Pearl
Toys Available:
Serena Scepter, Trudy Trident, Holly Heartstone and Pinchy Pearl, Ava
AvaPinchy PearlTrudySerenaHolly Heartstone

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