Splashlings Episode 5 Secrets of the Sea

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Splashlings Episode 5 Secrets of the Sea

The trio, Laila, Pasha and Ava tried to catch up with the three Caribbean Mer-Pirates who sped away laughing to their seemingly victory of finding the treasure map. They wanted to stop them. But out of the blue, a big whale and swallow the Mer-Pirates. Astonished Pasha asked “Did that whale just eat the Mer-pirates? Mermaid Ellie, their friend answered that it was her latest invention, Leah the whale which has a super-charged engine which can dive 9,000 meters.

Out of the mouth of Leah the Whale, came the treasure bag which contains the treasure map while the Caribbean Mer-Pirates was locked in the whale’s belly. Thanking Ellie, they swim around the depth of the sea and were amazed of what they found- a sea of beautiful shells. Pasha told her friends that the shell where the next treasure is just around but as they swipe the map around, no shell opens. So, Ava the Artist who has a special talent in locating the shell which was different from the others volunteered to look for the special shell and as expected, she found it and the shell opened.

Moreover, Pinchy Pearl emerged and introduced herself. Another shell opened and Cuddles came out happily and the two amazed mermaids let the treasure maps fall from their hands and Cuddles took hold one of the treasure maps and ate it. Pinchy Pearls told them that she was supposed to warn them to be careful with the treasure maps because Cuddles is a hungry creature who eats anything. Cuddles was about to eat the other treasure map but Laila was fast enough to take the partly eaten paper.

To be continued…

Featured Characters in this Episode:
Ava, Laila, Pasha, the three carribean mer-pirates, the big whale, Pinchy Pearl, Cuddles

Available Toys:
Ava, Pinchy Pearl, Cuddles.
AvaCuddlesPinchy Pearl

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