Shopkins Cartoon Episode 7

Shopkins Cartoon Episode 7 Breaking News

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Shopkins Cartoon Episode 7 Breaking News

Apple Blossom was reporting on a traffic accident in Shpville to the listening public. The place was in chaos, a basket filled with grocery stuffs were found on the floor in disarray. The incident was still under investigation as to who or what caused the accident. She called Cheeky Chocolate to report more on the traffic accident. She saw how the place looked after the accident and she reported that the cause of the accident was still undisclosed. Investigation is still ongoing as to who was the shopville villain.
In the background, Spilt Milk made herself unnoticed because she actually was the culprit in the major traffic accident when they made the shop as their playground. She then left the place discreetly.

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Meanwhile, Apple Blossom then called Kooky Cookie to make a report about the weather. Kooky Cookie who was trapped inside the freezer when she and her friends tried to climb the Frozen Mountain. Now its time for Kooky Cookie to report..She was freezing cold so the only word she could say was, “COLD” Apple Blossom then thanked Kooky Cookie for the very descriptive report she made.

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Apple Blossom, the news anchor then called Strawberry Kiss to report on an amazing incident in Shopville.. Taken aback, she then became so nervous because she was not prepared to report something unusual. Apple Blossom urged her to say something because the audience were waiting for her to give details on something amazing in the surrounding. In her nervousness, she cried and cried and the tears she cried were strawberry jam. She left the place leaving behind the strawberry jam tears scattered on the floor. Apple Blossom and the listening audience were very much surprised and astonished to what they have witnessed on the news.

Apple Blossom wind up with an advertisement about a pink cheese sold in the market.

To be continued…
Featured Characters on Shopkins Cartoon Episode 7:
Apple Blossom,Cheeeky Chocolate,Strawberry Kiss,Spilt Milk,Kooky Cookie

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