Shopkins Cartoon - Episode 6 Chop Chop

Shopkins Cartoon – Episode 6 Chop Chop

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Shopkins Cartoon – Episode 6 Chop Chop

Cheeky Chocolate was playing with ice creAm sticks inside the shop by herself. After a while, Apple Blossom and Lippy Lip came and asked her just what is she doing with the ice cream sticks. She wanted to show off how she will chop the sticka with her karate stance. She put the ice cream sticks between two shopping baskets. Her two friends asked continuously just what she is doing. Trying to impress her friends with her karate moves, she jumped on d sticks trying to break them but she failed.

episode 6 chop chop
She kept doing this but she always fail and fell on the ground. Disturbed, Apple Blossoms asked Cheeky Chocolate if she was not hurt and Cheeky Chocolate would just answer that she is not at all hurt. She continued with her impressing her two friends, tho hurting herself to which she never will admit but persistent in her effort to break the sticks with her karate moves and be known to be a karate expert. Despite the advice of Apple Bloasom aNd Lippy Lip to stop with her stAnce and stop hurting herself. In pain she admitted that she is not really a karate expert. All of the, the ice cream sticks, chopped and broken all fell to the ground to the surprise of everybody

episode 6(1) chop chop
Startled, Cheeky Chocolate immediately announced that she is not a karate expert but a KARATE MASTER. Happily she went away and was gone from her friends sight
And while alone and still in pain she told herself that she will not do it again because showing off is so painful.

To be continued…

Featured Characters in this Episode:
Apple Blossoms, Cheeky Chocolate, Lippy Lips

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