Shopkins Cartoon – Episode 5 Frozen Climbers

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Shopkins Cartoon – Episode 5 Frozen Climbers

Apple Blossom and Cheeky Chocolate were climbing the Frozen Mountain together with Strawberry Kiss who lagged behind feeling very cold. When the two, Apple Blossom and Cheeky Chocolate were almost at the top, Strawberry Kiss told them to keep going up and behave properly so they won’t fall down. Strawberry Kiss reminded them not to make anything silly but Cheeky Chocolate did not hear her properly. She thought she heard her say that they should do something silly so they threw ice to her and laughed at her.

episode 5 frozen climbers
They continued climbing to the top but sometimes stopped because they were already very exhausted and freezing. Strawberry Kiss who was still behind them, kept telling them not to give up. Feeling cold and so tired, they thought of going back but they said that it’s too late already because they already have gone very high and the way is so steep so they decided to continue climbing. Up, up they went, tired and freezing, they continued struggling to reach the top and suddenly they thought that they were seeing something in the clouds and hearing sounds from somewhere. And as if dreaming, Kooky Cookie, suddenly appeared in front of them.

episode 5(1) frozen climbers
Kooky Cookie was asking them why they are climbing the freezer and they answered that the three of them are climbing the Frozen Mountain. Kooky Cookie was wondering because she only see the two of them. She asked the two just where Strawberry Kiss went when only Apple Blossom and Cheeky Chocolate were there on top of the Frozen Mountain. When they looked down, they finally saw Strawberry Kiss, staying in one place, unable to move from where she is, all wrapped up with the solid water. Together they went down and helped Strawberry Kiss and defreeze their frozen friend by blowing heat on her.

To be continued…

Featured Characters in this Episode:
Apple Blossoms, Cheeky Chocolate, Strawberry Kiss, Kooky Cookie

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