Monster High: Welcome to Monster High Movie Review

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Welcome to Monster High Movie Review. The long wait is over for Monster High series fans! Finally, an all-new Monster High installation was released — Monster High Welcome to Monster High. It is the fourteenth TV special of Monster High. It is also known for its alternative title as “Welcome to Monster High: The Origin Story”. The whole story is about the reimagining of the Monster High’s origin, how the characters first met and has a very different story from the earlier versions of webisodes.

Monster High Welcome to Monster High

This movie was out in the cinema last 27th day of August 2016. In this movie, the rebooted ghouls are said to be less scary; though some are mile peril. It has a running time of 73 minutes and is good for family and as well as children. Aside from the movie, a release of the entire Monster High collection also took place, from dolls, toys, videos and others in partnership with Mattel’s 2016.

Glimpse of Welcome to Monster High Special

Though there are a lot of “ghouls” in Monster High, this movie only focuses on five well-known. It has a slight touch of mild cartoon action. It is tagged as new “origin” story which starts from Frankie Stein and Draculaura recruiting students. The thing about Monster High Welcome to Monster High movie is it does not have real scares.


The monsters, including Draculaura seems to be afraid to have interaction with humans. With this, Draculaura is not satisfied until she met Frankie Stein. She then became motivated. With Frankie Stein, she is convincing her dad to try interact with humans. In order to do this, they start recruiting other teen ghouls. They made use of abandoned building as their starter. From then on, they started feeling safe, put up camaraderie with others and are preparing to be in the outside world. When the school opens, it was as amazing as they though until the villain comes in. The villain is a threat that the protagonists of the stories need to defeat. And so the story goes on.


In this movie, there are a lot of changes that the followers of the monster high can observe. There are new colors, graphics, toned-down scares and as well as face molds seem to have been lighten by the creators. With this, younger viewers will get to watch and as well as enjoy the movie.


The focus of this movie is about “what it means to be different”. Though, the trendy and sophisticated humor from Monster High is lesser. Its humor is intended for the younger viewers. You can observe how the main characters appear to be more close to child manner than of teens. It focuses on the plan to win the humans in the world around them peacefully.

Monster High franchise is known for its sexiness and as well as fashion, in this movie, it is somehow not emphasized. They incorporated the wholesome relationships with teachers and parents. In addition, the highlight of this movie is for the children viewers to know the difference between pretend and as well as real violence. The transformation of the Monster High characters may not get appreciation from their fans, but a lot are hoping for Mattel merchandising to bloom.



Another story line is in this movie. A lot have shared mixed reactions regarding the obvious changes, from the animation down to the story. Some even reacted how their favorite monsters are missing and how a lot of alternation happened. Though, there are also others who are happy with the upgraded animation and for the additional new characters. They also applaud the voice over and as well as the story. In this movie, even five (5) years old get to watch this. The movie is well appreciated with the moral it is portraying to the audiences.

The characters in this movie are somehow given more depth. Draculaura’s interaction between her father is very genuine which shows that parent relationship. It definitely imparts a great moral to the viewers, especially the children.


  • A lot of scenes from this movie actually contradict facts from the previous monster high webisodes and as well as high movies. For instance, in the original webisodes, Frankie is already in an established Monster high rather than becoming part of the school’s construction.
  • This is the first ever movie by Mattel Creations, Appa Productions and as well as Rainmaker Entertainment
  • There are only three (3) Monster High TV Specials which have an end credits scene, and this Monster High: Welcome to Monster High movie is one of them.
  • An error can subtle be observed in the movie. Ari Hauntington should not be touched, but in the movie, Draculaura puts her hand in her shoulder.


IMDb – 5.1 / 10

Rotten Tomatoes – 40%

Common Sense Media – 3 / 5

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