Shopkins Cartoon – Episode 3 Loud And Unclear

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Shopkins Cartoon – Episode 3 Loud And Unclear

It is prank day! In Shopkins at Shopville, the place where little kids want to go to shop for cute and beautiful toys lived Cheeky Chocolate, Apple Blossom, Strawberry Kiss and their other friends. Cheeky Chocolate, giggling, went on top of the table where the microphone was. She was thinking about some naughty plan to make some tricks on Strawberry Kiss and Apple Blossom. When Apple Blossom came towards the table followed by Strawberry Kiss, Cheeky Chocolate made a sound like a duck every time Apple Blossom make a step.

episode 3 L and C
Apple Blossom and Strawberry Kiss was scared and alarmed because they do not know where the sound came from. Mischievous Cheeky Chocolate continued to make animal sounds and Strawberry Kiss tried to stomp on the floor if it will create the same sound but she failed to make the same sound. As they were wondering, Apple Blossom saw a figure on a mirror and she found out that it was Cheeky Chocolate who made fun of them. She quickly made her way to where the microphone was and Cheeky was surprised that Apple was no longer around.

episode 3(1) L and C
While she was walking, a sound after the other were heard every time she made a step one after the other.. Cheeky Chocolate got nervous. She was so afraid trying to look where the sound came from. Finally, she saw Apple Blossom doing what she did before, doing a prank to a prankster.

To be continued…

Featured Characters in this Episode:
Apple Blossoms, Strawberry Kiss, Cheeky Chocolate

Toys Available:
Strawberry Kisstoy1toy

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