Shopkins Season 7 Release Date

The Shopkins Season 7 Release Date

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So when is the Shopkins Season 7 Release Date?

Shopkins Season 7 Release DateShopkins Season 7  release date is not yet officially stated. However, we have our own educated guess at the end of this article through a noticed pattern. So right now, we will be showing you some of the characters that can be yours in Shopkins All Star Collection. We are all excited to meet the new Shopkin characters! Moreover, some of the Shopkins Season 7 characters are translucent and stackable. In addition, you can get these adorable Season 7 Shopkins in the Shopkins All Star Collection Playset.

Shopkins All Star Collection Playset

Shopkins Season 7

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Furthermore, in the Shopkins All Star Collection all of your favorite shopkin heroes have returned because you guys voted it! What’s more to that is you can collect all of your favorite Shopkins character fron Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, Season 5, and Season 6. Plus, there are 2 additional sneak peek characters that are hidden inside the playset from  Season 7.

Shopkins Season 7 Characters Sneak Peek

Some of the other characters’ name are not yet released. Although, there are some who has already a name. Like this pretty and cute Shopkin, Gigi Gift.

Shopkins Season 7

Gigi Gift

Shopkins Season 7

On the other hand, this translucent tiara is Tara Tiara. She is one good looking tiara!

Shopkins Season 7

Wow! Moreover, this yummy cupcake has a music note on top of her head and all over her face.

Shopkins Season 7

These two adorable Shopkins are from Season 7

Shopkins Season 7

Lastly, these cakes are also characters from Shopkins Season 7!

All New Topkin Shopkins!

Shopkins Season 7

Moreover, this is just a sneek peak on what to expect on this Season packs. Season 7 has, 2 Packs, 5 Packs, and 12 Packs playset. Also, there are more than 100+ of characters to collect in this series. It also features Topkin Shopkins (see the picture above) where you can stack all of your Shopkins collection.

Final Thoughts

Season 7 is really worth waiting for! There are lots and lots of adorable new Shopkin characters to watch out and collect! As of now,  Shopkins Season 7 Release date will be most probably  this coming April or May 2017. We will be informing you as soon as possible if we get the news of the exact release date! Are you guys excited? So are we! What is your own guess? Tell us in the comments section!

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