Shopkins Season 3 and 4 Characters

Shopkins Season 3 and 4 Characters has Arrived!

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Shopkins Season 3 and 4 Characters are here! But first let me tell you about Season 3. Released in June 2015 Shopkins Season 3 characters has new features. Shoe Dazzle Shop, Scoops Ice Cream truck, Fashion Spree Boutique, Make Up Spot. Season 3 also welcomes additional three new teams, Stationery, Hats and International Foods. This season is very different from the past two season.

The finish of the Shopkin toys varies from their rarity. The Ultra Rare from this season is frosted. While the Special Editions have Polished Pearl finish.  Then the Limited Edition of season 3 has cool jewel finish. It looks shiny like a jewelry.

Here are the Characters From the 3 New Teams

  • International Food

Shopkins Season 3 and 4 Characters

Suzie Sushi, Sausage Sizzle, Sconnie, Humpty Dumpling, Fiona Fries, Lammy Lamington, Taco Terrie, Croissant d’Or, Netti Spaghetti

  • Stationery

Shopkins Season 3 and 4 Characters

Secret Sally, Rita Ruler, Kelly Calculator, Erica Eraser, Noni Notebook, Penny Pencil, Snippy, Stella Stapler

  • Hats

Shopkins Season 3 and 4 Characters

Flappy Cap, Casper Cap, Hattie Hat, Toni Topper, Brimmy, Shady, Taylor Rayn, and Bonnie Beret

Shopkins Season 3 has also included bags and baskets pack. in addition, both of these have new molds. Bags has turquoise colored plus there is Shopkins on its front. Moreover, baskets have pink color with blue removable handles. It also has this Shopkins mark on the front part.  If you haven’t gotten anything from season 3 try getting different pack of the season 3 packs. Mega packs, 12 pack, 20 pack, baskets and many more packs!

Let’s move ahead with Shopkins Season 4. Season 4 was released December of 2015. This season is focused on Petkins. Most of the Ultra-Rare’s are from Petkins. It has shimmery finish. Also the Special Editions are Petkins too! This has 48 Shopkins in total. Perfume pretties are also introduced to this season. They have this translucent finish. Which looks cute on them!

Season 4 Petkins

Shopkins Season 3 and 4 Characters

Shopkins Season 3 and 4 characters are very addicting, but in a good way! Many found friendship because of this hobby collecting and exchanging items. This is a fun way to interact with fellow collectors and enthusiast! Getting along well with others are very heart warming. Get yours now and share it with your friends and family! Surely, you will enjoy and not regret getting and collecting Shopkins Season 3 characters.

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