Osmo Game System: Educational Game Apps Review

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When it comes to games played on devices, there are a lot that you can think of. However, if you are looking for a fun and educational game system, there are only a few and the most popular nowadays is the Osmo Game System. This game system is now the leading educational game for children.

In today’s generation, technology is already becoming part of the people’s daily lives — even the young ones. If you are one of those 90s kids, you surely have experienced more traditional childhood. However, today’s youngsters are more interested in the growing technology more than the traditional childhood games where it is more physical. They still do enjoy and play games, but now with the touch of technology; they spend more time playing on their gadgets. However, not all games that they play can enhance their learning, creativity or even have collaborative activities. With this, Osmo Game System entered the game application market to provide the lacking purpose of most available online games.

What is Osmo Game System?

Osmo is an award-winning hands-on game system for iPad. This system uses iPad’s camera to interact with real-world objects like drawings or puzzle pieces. It has a new, educational and fun games platform good for the children which is a really game changer. A lot has been praising this invention because of how brilliant its purpose is. This attract parents who likes to let their children not just simply play any games in their iPad, but gain learning as well while having fun.


The thing about Osmo Game System is it is a combination of osmo apps and as well as hardware. This is more than just playing simply from the iPad. Most app-only games nowadays cannot match the Tangible Play’s new approach. Children will learn through playing. Osmo is combining tangle pieces with fun characters that will drive the children to learn.

The whole package of Osmo Game System includes a stand or dock for the iPad to sit on and a reflective mirror that attaches to the FaceTime camera. This certain mirror adjusts the optics in order for the camera to essentially record the table area in the front of iPad. It will let the Osmo app see the objects that are placed in the area. The Osmo app can only be used for iPad 2, 3, 4, Mini, Mini 2, Air and Air 2, no other tablets can play the games.

Currently, there are 8 games available for download. Here are the games and its details:


osmo-wordsWith Osmo Words, users will have fun with the words. This game is played by aiming to be the first one to guess and as well as spell out on the on-screen hidden word by putting down the real-life letters faster than the opponents. In this particular game, the more people plays, the merrier it gets.



Osmo TangramThe Tangram geam has been known for a long time. With Osmo Tangram, Tangible Play, Inc. reinvented the classic game for it to be a fully interactive video experience. Osmo have raised the game to another level buy combining visual, audio feedback, achievements, multiple levels of difficulty and more. A lot loves to play Tangram because it is not only fun to play, but it is also good for the brain as well. It enhances the visual problem-solving skills of the children.


Osmo NewtonEven without seeing the game application, you will know how the Osmo Newton will involve physics. This application lets physics meet creative problem solving. There are 60 levels of fun. In Osmo Newton, users can use whatever they choose to place on the playing field. They just have to use their imagination to expand the way they play.


Osmo MasterpieceOsmo Masterpiece turns iPad into a fantastic drawing tool. In this application, the user will get the perspective and as well as proportion of their drawing exactly right. There are an infinite source of inspiration, the only limit would be imagination. Users may simply take a picture of whatever they want and Osmo Masterpiece will transform it into outlines and lets them draw it to perfection. This way, children will definitely learn tangibles skills while having fun.

Pizza Co.

Osmo Pizza CoIn this game, the children get to own a pizza shop. The package comes with a round cardboard which serves as the pizza and the cash pad, cutout toppings and as well as bills and coins. It is very easy to play the game. Users can quickly cook pizza and calculate the change using the money and topping tiles. In time, shop can be upgraded with the use of the earned profits to lead the way to become “the big cheese”. Through this app, children will get to encounter real-world math, pick-up nonverbal communication and experience being the boss.


Osmo MonsterWith Osmo Monster, children get to bring their drawings to life. Children tends to scribble in a way that they can and with this Osmo app, there drawings will become part of the magical animated activities. A character names Mo will be the one  to guide the user for the entire game. This Osmo app combines the power of technology with the magic of creativity.


Osmo CodingIf you hear coding, you automatically would think about problem solving and logic skills. In Osmo Coding, kids are helped to succeed in an increasingly digital world. Through this Osmo app, children will be introduced to coding in the most easiest way. They have to discover a world by sending coding commands to their character. This particular game will help children learn best through play. Aside from that, multiple children can play the game together on the same iPad which builds a collaborative effort for the children.


Osmo NumbersOsmo Numbers let the children arrange physical tiles of numbers. Dots and digit piles is use to complete levels. Addition and subtraction is the main operators for the game. Children will just need to put more tiles to add or remove tiles in the table area to subtract. In this game, they will develop confidence with numbers.


The good thing about the Osmo Game System is how easy it can be set up. The Osmo objects are very well made as well and have a good design. The pens of Osmo are brightly-colored which fits the children have soft carry case. It is very interactive to the users as well, where they get to play the game while doing the physical activity. Most of all, it is very educational and the whole family will get to have fun.


There are few downsides with the Osmo Game System and one of them is its exclusivity to iPad only. No other device can avail this game system. For those who are fun of downloading free game applications, some may find this game system too expensive. iPad cannot be inserted in the Osmo stand with a case on, so this can be considered as one of the biggest drawback of the Osmo Game System. A lot are complaining of having to replace and remove the silicon protection from the iPad because of its inconvenience. In addition, there are also a few bugs that can be observed while playing the game.

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