Hatchimals: Creature in a Shell Christmas Craze

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Before Christmas Season arrived, a promising stuffed animal in a shell  was released in the market — the Hatchimals. Not long after, it manages to catch the attention of many toy enthusiasts and most of all, the parents and children. Based from the popular unboxing videos in YouTube, this unique fuzzy creatures was realized and it instantly and constantly been generating buzz. What do you need to know about this Christmas craze? We give you a brief introduction of Hatchimals:

Early History

Before the release of Hatchimals, it was two years before the furry and interactive creature was designed by the Spin Master company. The company has already establish its name over its years of service in the toy industry. They are the marketing genius behind the air hogs, paw patrol and as well as Build-a-Bear. So, they are really not stranger to blockbuster toys anymore. The fuzzy creatures are very colorful and interactive as well.

How it Works

The egg will hatch little longer than 30 minutes to hatch. From the time it will start to hatch, it will start flashing and squeaking until it will totally be out of its shell. From the very moment that it hatches, it will be soon really interactive. The good thing about these creatures is it does not need iPads or any apps just to make it work. It causes no problem at all, right?

These creatures go through three phases of life. It will start from being baby and the more the owner takes care of it, the quicker it will grow up from being a baby to a toddler and then finally, a child. As time goes by, the more skills and as well as games will it unlocks.

The color of its eye changes to express what it will need from you. When the eye turns orange, it has hiccups; purple when you need to feed it and so on.

When it is still a baby, you should be prepared to burp and as well as feed it a lot. Along with its package, you will have the full eye color change menu. The good thing is, the children will remember the colors very easily and will eventually not need the menu anymore.

Meet the Hatchimals

When you buy a set of Hatchimals, you would not be able to know what’s inside. The company aims to give excitement to the new owners of eggs. Currently, there are five (5) different creatures that you may have:


draggle Hatchimals

Draggle is known for its blue and green spots when you look at the shell. If the shell hatches, there will be a blue and green furry draggle.



owlicorn Hatchimals

Basically, purple and blue unicorn owls are in for this particular egg. The egg is splattered with blue and purple color. It has horn just like a unicorn and an owl like feature. It comes in two colors as well, blue and as well as pink.



penguala Hatchimals

With this particular egg, the shell is splattered with green and purple colors. It is inspired with the penguins. The fur in the back of its head is fuzzy which makes it smooth to touch.



burtle Hatchimals

Among the five (5) eggs, Burtle is only available in the Target market. The good thing about the Spin toy Company, is they have exclusive distribution to certain stores where the product can only be bought in that store. This Burtle is in purple color with a splattered shell.



bearakeet Hatchimals

One thing to observe with these creatures is that they are mixed of two kinds of animals. For the Bearakeet, it is a mix feature of bear and a parakeet. These two comes in two colors as well, black and white. The shell of the egg it is in is splattered with pink and black color.


Final Verdict

A lot has actually been waiting for the release of these fuzzy creatures since the day it was announced. Though it has received negative reviews over the Amazon and other online shops, it received a lot of positive reviews from long time toy reviewers. It looked like the Furby toy but this one is more interactive that the latter. In addition, it has exclusive editions to particular stores, which means its very in demand because it cannot be bought easily. Overall, these fuzzy creatures are surely what your children will gonna love. It feels just like taking care a pet because it will need to be nurtured, taught how to dance, speak, move and as well as play games.

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