Furby Connect: Connecting to a World of Surprises!

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It has been more than a decade since the creation of the most successful interactive toy has been introduced to the world — Furby. It has then been continuing to lead the toy market in the succeeding years. When it was first available in the market, many fell for its cool features as an interactive toy. It is simply not just your ordinary toy because of how interactive it is. Owning one is just like having a pet without having zero responsibility. As the years go by, a number of versions has already been innovated and is still constantly been flocked by the buyers. This year, their latest innovation was released — Furby Connect.

Introducing Furby Connect

Furby is known for its cool, furry and cuddly features. The original Furby was introduced back in the year 1998 as an animatronic that speaks its own language aside from making rude noises. Though its release year caused a buzz all throughout the succeeding years, it slowly has been pulled out of the market and was gone by 2002. Fortunately, the company was able to put back the Furby and made a return with more feature in the year 2005 and another one in 2012.

Last year, Furby Boom broke out into the market and made its own mark of becoming one of the top list must-to-buy-toy of the year 2015. It has been known for its interaction via smartphones and tablet since the Furby Boom.

Teal Furby

Now, the recent edition is the Furby Connect which offers a more advance feature than its predecessors. Among the other Furbies, Furby Connect is a very effusive and plush which makes it very popular among young children.

Furby Connect Features

For about four years, Furby went through modern reinvention. The company made sure to equip features that will surely catch people’s attention. With their latest model, Furby Connect, they re-emerge an app-connectivity and as well as LED eyes. This makes the Furby Connect a hamster-owl like robot.

Furby and Food

The full-color LED eyes of Furby Connect is capable of having a number of expressions. It is now even more advance for its Bluetooth LE connectivity with tablets and as well as smartphones. Looking at the Furby Connect, there is a new LED antenna on top of its head which sets as a joystick. When you buy a Furby Connect, you will notice its LED eyes and even larger ears than the previous Furbies. Aside from that, it can be observed how the latest Furby has more articulation when its ear switches and as well as the way its body jiggles.

How to Wake up Furby

When it comes to the Furby app, you can still let the Furby do things that you want for it to follow. You can pull its tail, rub, ticker, hug, shake it or just hold and the Furby will respond. The more you interact with the toy, the friendlier it becomes. There is also an additional feature where you can let two Furbies talk to each other. Aside from that, you can now use eye mask to silence the Furby Connect.

Furby Sleeping

Additional Feature

It uses Bluetooth Smart technology to sync with the selected compatible device for Furby phrases, music and as well as videos. When you buy the Furby toy, you will have to download an app from where you get to play the toy. Furby will function through the application like feed Furby with the virtual food cannon or interact with Furblings in their world. Furby has expressive eyes, phrases and as well as motions. It also goes to sleep. The package comes with a sleeper mask. Just put the sleep mask on and it’s good night Furby time. This Furby comes in four different colors: purple, teal, pink and as well as blue. Surely, the kids will enjoy Furby because of how interactive this toy is.

Furby Connect Colors

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If you will compare the Furby Connect among its predecessors, this modern and latest version is the most innovative. It has a more articulate ears and body. The full-color LED eyes of the Furby is one of its improvement. If Furby Boom introduced an app connectivity for the Furby to do things like fling variety of food via mobile to its mouth, Furby Connectivity is more advanced. Now, it can lay digital eggs and as well as poop things out into a digital toilet.

Furby and Friends

The good about the application of Furby Connect is it can be used for Android and as well as iOS devices. Through its app, two different Furby Connects can talk to each other. When two Furbies talk, they are bursting with energy and are very chatty as well.

Furby Dancing

Aside from that, the Furby app includes mini games with kid-friendly videos and as well as. And yes, the Furby is equipped with skills such as dancing and singing. And the best improvement for this Furby Connect is how you can easily silence it now compared to the previous Furbies.


The only drawback that can be observe with Furby is how its Bluetooth disconnects on random occasion. Aside from that, a lot finds the price of the Furby Connect very expensive for a toy. We have also read from some reviews how the entire look of Furby are found creepy by some. It does not seem to please others because of its limited movement, though it is more articulate now than the others.

Final Verdict

So far, Furby Connect is the best Furby. With its innovative and most advance features, it certainly can make a child jump in joy. It is like owning a pet but without having to take full responsibility. You will just have to take care of how you want the Furby to make by just clicking few buttons in your downloaded app.  It has more depth than the other Furbies as well. Have you tried petting other Furbies before? Then, this one will surely change your view over the previous Furbies drawbacks. Buying a Furby Connect is worthy! It will definitely deliver hours of fun, not just for kids, but as well as the grownups.

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