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Finally, the long wait is over! We are officially naming the giveaway winners! We also made sure that every winner has liked the post, the page, and commented their “Nicest things you have ever done this 2016” in the website post.

But before we announce the winners, we should recap the MOST COMMON ERRORS, that people use to do.

Most Common Errors

Case #1: Forgot to Like the Page

Sadly, you forgot to like the page. Therefore an invite button appears in our page which meaning you have not liked the page and follow the rules.

Case #2: Incomplete Name

We will be having a hard time finding your name in the comments section if you did not put your full name on facebook.

FINALLY, HERE ARE THE WINNERS for the “Nicest things you have ever done this year 2016” Giveaway Contest!

Congratulations, you have won Jasmine Nieves!

Congratulations, you have won Carolyn Parker!

Congratulations, you have won Dewayne Bradshaw!

Congratulations, you have won Valerie Schlicht!

Congratulations, you have won Mary Lee!

Thank you for sharing these kind deeds to us. These memories of yours will be remembered forever.

To all the winners of Christmas Giveaway Contest, please contact us through Facebook so we can ship the toys to your place through Amazon. It would be lovely to take a selfie once you’ve received the toy. Enjoy your toys winners!

Almost won the Christmas Giveaway Contest?

Don’t worry! We will keep giving you toys EVERY MONTH so make sure you have joined our giveaway contest and stay tuned in!

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