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1. Before you submit your entry, you must make sure that you have liked the facebook post and the facebook fan page.

2. Comment down on the bottom of this page the nicest thing you have ever done this year. (Minimum of 1 sentence, Maximum of 5; Take note that your entry will be hidden until Dec. 24.)

3. Submit your entry within December 16, 2016 and December 23, 2016. Wait for the announcement of winners on December 24.

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  1. I paid off my neighbors layaway at walmart!! She has no idea it was me, but she has 4 kids and really has her hands full!

  2. At work i gave a customer an item i had on layaway for me for her child because it was sold out everywhere. That was all her child wanted for christmas. She thanked me with a hug and now we are good friends.

  3. I guess I would have to say the nicest thing would be allowing my sister who is older to move in with me so she would not have to struggle by herself at this time. It is difficult at times but we are making it work for her.

  4. Normally my Mom buys everything needed for Thanksgiving dinner but this year that wasn’t possible so this year I picked up the tab for everything and we were still able to have a great Thanksgiving with family

  5. I’m a school bus driver for one of the poorest parts of my town. So(even when money is tight) I give my bus kids a goody bag and a “bus party” with snacks and drinks on every holiday. I also had two students this year who weren’t going to have Christmas or even a tree, so I went to the school counselor to ensure that they wouldn’t go without. This year has been hard for us because my husband was in a car accident in September and almost died. He just last week was able to go back to work and we have struggled to have necessities, especially things for Christmas. Thanks again for the opportunity, you guys are awesome.

  6. I payed off my neighbors layaway at Walmart and she has no idea it was me! I also picked a name off the Salvation Army Christmas Tree and bought the little boy some toys for Christmas!! MERRY CHRISTMAS

  7. I took my kids Christmas shopping to pick out items to item donate to others that are less fortunate. I want them to understand it is better to give than receive. We do this every year. Even the year we were less fortunate.

  8. The nicest thing i have done this year is that i cook thanksgiving dinner and i gave a plate to a lot of homeless people in the street so they can had dinner too.

  9. I coupon all year long and keep the “stockpile” of toiletry items in Rubbermaid bins. Once the bins are full, I make up care packages or blessing bags and send them to the troops overseas.

  10. I’m a teacher and every year I “adopt” a student and their family for the holiday. My two oldest daughters and I go grocery shopping and shop for presents based off the sex/age of the kids. My daughters also got through their clothes and see what doesn’t fit, and if they are in good condition we donate those too (but those aren’t wrapped).

  11. I had $35 dollar to my name and there was a toy drive at our local Walmart and my 11 yr old and 3 yr old asked if we could purchase toys for the drive. I told them to pick out two toys each to give and they end up spending $33. I could tell them no we can’t help someone else, because it could be us one day on the receiving end.

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