Little Live Pets: Your Almost-Real Pet!

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Have you had enough with Moose Toys’ products yet? If you love Shopkins, you will as much love Moose’s other product lines as well. Have you heard about Little Live Pets? It is one of the many exciting toys of the Moose Toys Company. Since day one, Moose Toys have been striving hard to extend its goal to give happiness to the children in the community. With their Little Live Pets, they are able to make the children happy by letting them own cool pet friends that feel, move, sound and even act so real! This product really makes a great alternative for children who cannot own a real pet yet.

Early Years of Little Live Pets

In the early 2014, Moose Toys had announced its new line of collectible and interactive pet birds — Little Live Pets. Just like Moose Toys’ other product lines, the Little Live Pets are for ages 5 and up. It became widely known in August of the same year. In its year of release, Moose released two (2) types of pets: birds and as well as butterflies. Later on, they added a baby and an owl.

It has successfully been launched at the American International Toy Fair in 2014 as well. It also launched in other countries, including Australia and as well as U.K. In its hyped year, it was named in the Top Toy Predictions list by Argos, popular U.K. retailer. During its releasing season, Moose Toys have seen that there have been massive sales in Australia in which the major retailers was able to sell out the product in just two weeks. The production needed to speed up just to stay in line with the popular demand of the product.

Most people became interested with the product because of how the bird really do look and act like a real pet bird. They do not just respond to your touch, they can also make 30 different sounds such as chirping, tweeting and even whistling popular nursery rhymes.

Little Live Pets official website became live for viewing online in February of the same year. Aside from having a website, they also have created a YouTube Channel account from where a collective video about the pets are uploaded.

Original Products

There were eight (8) original designs of birds released in the market: Delicate Dee, Cheeky Charlie, Angelic Angela, Sweet Sophie, Silly Billie, Cool Cookie, Beauty Bella, and as well as Friendly Frankie.

In March of 2015, there is a second series of butterflies and as well as birds which was noted as “S2” on the Little Live Pets’ official website.

This product is manufactured and is being marketed by Moose Toys Company, which is also the manufacturer for Shopkins, Beados, Micro Chargers and other popular toys. Same year of Little Live Pets launching was also the introduction of girls’ brands, Shopkins and as well as Beados. It made Moose Toys to be a key player in the annual battle for the top notch spot of “hottest holiday toy”.

Meet the Characters

If we say pet, we normally would think of house pets like dogs. Well, with Little Live Pets, you get to own not just the usual favorite animals. They have variety that you can choose from with different fancy names and abilities! You can choose from their 62 pets, or best to collect all of them. Eager to meet them? Here they are:


The Little Live Birds responds to touch and loves to sing a song. The good about these pets is they can learn to answer their owners. It very also very easy for travel, they fit right on your finger. Moose have 24 different birds that can make 30 real bird noises. The following are just a few of them:

  • Ruby Belle
  • Rainbow Ricki
  • Jungle Jessie
  • Honey Lulu
  • Starkles



Is your child keen to dancing? Little Live Mice is the kind of pet your child will really like! These cuties surely know how to go sweet to the beat. There are 18 of them and you might want to know some of them:

  • Choc Bop
  • Angel Dancer
  • Wild Beatz
  • Lolly Rapper
  • Dancin’ Queenie



Attractive colored turtles can brighten up child’s day. These turtles know how to use their flippers well and they surely love to paddle. You can collect all 13 of them with different names and abilities!

  • Crystal
  • Sunshine
  • Sundae
  • Super Star
  • Pearly




All the Little Live Pets are all into music. Little Live Pet CleverKeet is one who can dance and as well as sing to his own songs. You can also play a song for him to dance. He loves attention and surely loves showing off. And dancing in front of his mirror is his thing. You can even put him on his cart and you will go see him roll! CleverKeet is full of fun!



The most common house pet in the world is a dog. Little Live Pets also gives you a very good representation of a puppy pet. It moves and feels like a real puppy. Children can hold him in their arms and give it a hug. They can even feed him with his bottle and let it sleep in their arms. Snuggles is a child’s dream puppy!


Have you heard of frogs being considered as someone’s pet?  Well, Little Live Pets Frog is one pet a child will like. Not everyone has a pet with this kind. It hops around like a really real frog. If the frog happens to hop into a water, he can sense it and will start to swim around. He is one who likes to get wet! Little Live Pets Frog comes in three (3) characters:

  • Chillo
  • Lily
  • Splashberry


These Little Live Pets will surely be loved by children with its real-life features. It will not be boring as it has abilities that the children will like. Aside from being loaded with skills: dancing, singing or even talking, there are also things that it does without even guidance. For instance, Little Live Pet bird can flap its wings whenever it is excited or happy. Besides, parents will also like these pets because there will be no mess that they need to clean up or additional expenses for pet food.

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