Great Gift Ideas for Your Kids this Christmas

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Christmas season is another time of the year which most kids look forward, maybe even right next to their birthday. They overly excited for Christmas because of the gifts they always anticipate from Santa Claus. So, as parents start packing the kids’ water toys for the coming end of summer, it also means that it’s time for them to start thinking about the gift giving season. Have you already thought of what to give to your kids this Christmas? Since you have reached article, perhaps not yet? Well if so, then let us give you the great gift ideas this Christmas 2016 that your kids will surely love.

Great Gift Ideas for Christmas 2016!

Osmo Creative Set

Osmo Creative SetThe latest package of Osmo have come into the market just this year. It comes with 3 interactive and creative games: Monster, Newton and as well as Masterpiece. These games work with the included fuzzy eraser pouch, creative board and their erasable markers.

With Osmo Monster, it brings your kid’s drawings too life. Kids tend love drawing even without papers and with this certain application, their drawings can become part of magical animated activities. There will be endless creativity and multiple activities. As for the Osmo Newton, this is where Physics meets creative problem solving but is fit for the kids. They can just play with everything and anything that they can place on the playing field. Lastly, the Osmo Masterpiece supercharges your drawing skills. Your kids will turn their iPad into a drawing tool. With this particular app, kids will get the perspective and proportion of their drawing exactly right. The only limit of what the kids can draw is their imagination.

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Little Live Pets Snuggles My Dream Puppy

Little Live Pets Snuggles My Dream PuppyThis year is a good year for the Little Live Pets. A lot are falling in love for their set of almost-real pet. My Dream Puppy Snuggles is just one of the many pets that your kids can own from Little Live Pets. Snuggles comes with an adoption certificate that your kid can fill in to make it their own. Just like a real animal, Snuggles can breath and its face can move. Your kids will really love this puppy because it just feels like having a real puppy. Kids would love to hold Snuggles into their arms and give it a hug.

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Finding Dory My Fish Dory

Finding DoryIt has been long since the release of Finding Nemo, and until then Dory was just part of the shadow character in the movie. But, with the latest movie which is having Dory as the main character, she became known and a lot of kids grew fond of her. She is a forgetful Fish but with the Finding Dory My Fish Dory, she will react with phrases from the movie. Every move she makes, she will respond with different phrases. At some point, she will sing her favorite song. Aside from that, she will react when you touch her fin by speaking whale. She is able to make 50 different sounds and as well as phrases.

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LEGO Star Wars Resistance X-Wing Fighter

Lego Star WarsOf course, who can forget Star Wars? Even with today’s youngster, a lot are still hooked with this series. If your kid is such a lover of Star Wars, then this Lego Star Wars Resistance X-Wing Fighter best to be given, especially for Christmas. It features opening wings and minifigure cockpit retractable landing gear, 4 spring-loaded shooters and as well as a removable hyperdrive.

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Anki Cozmo

Anki CozmoFor those who have kids who likes robot, Anki Cozmo should be your gift to them. Cozmo is not just a simple robot, he is real-life robot that can express real emotions to respond to the kid’s actions. It has upgrades and new games that are unlocked the more to play. Since it is regularly updated, it’s security and as well as durability is rigorously tested.

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VTECH Go Go Smart Friends Enchanted Princess Palace

VTech Go GoMany of the little girls like princesses. They like to play dolls and dollhouses as well. With VTech’s Enchanted Princess Palace, the girls will surely enjoy playing this. It expands to more than four feet wide and is equipped with music room, parlor, ballroom, kitchen and even an observation tower. This also have lights and as well as fun phrases. Two characters can sing and chat with each other. It is not just a simple dollhouse, it has fun accessories which includes mirror, bed and harp. Aside from that, it also has cheerful melody songs.

The good thing about this toy is its mechanical features to turn spin and open to enhance fine and role-play motor skills of the kids.

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Shopkins Season 6 Chef Club Mega Pack

Shopkins Chef Club Mega PackThis Chef Club of Shopkins is one of the best seller of this year. Most little girls are fond of playing Chef. This particular box is full of 20 Chef Club Shopkins. Aside from that, it has 4 recipe books. In this Season, each of the Shopkin is an ingredient in a deliciously fun recipe. Your kids will surely want to collect all the available ingredients and search for the Limited Edition “Finished Dishes”.

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LEGO Minecraft Kits

Lego MinecraftSince today is a generation of technology, there are kids who are fun of minecraft game. With this, LEGO has opted to have their own of minecraft. The Lego Minecraft kits include 327 assorted pieces and Steve’s pickaxe. With this toy, the children should get to set their imagination free. It has a shooting function that is activated for Snow Golem. This is a perfect gift if your kid is a fan of Minecraft and as well as LEGO building.

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The Grocery Gang S1

The Grocery GangMoose Toys have an addition to their family just this year on the month of June — The Grocery Gang. The gang composes of moldy grocery items that you can find mostly in your kitchen. Its characters are actually rotten groceries which are moldy, greasy and as well as unpleasant. They might be gross, but these characters are cute because of their funny looking faces. Each grocery items have their own different kinds of rarity: rare, ultra-rare and special edition. There are actually 150 moldy and rotter based Grocery characters. This toy is not just actually for kids, even grown-ups will find these characters adorable. It really fits to be one of the great gift ideas for your kids this Christmas.

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Shopkins S5 Mega Pack

Shopkins Mega PackAnother Shopkins has made it to our list of great gift ideas for Christmas and is one of the best seller toys as well. This one in particular includes 4 Petkin Backpacks. Your kids can pile their collection of up to 20 Shopkins. It also has collectors guide for your children.

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Pokemon my Friend Pikachu

Pokemon PikachuEven today’s young generation is hooked with Pokemon although it has been running since a long time ago. With Pokemon’s My Friend Pikachu, your kid will absolutely like this plush toy because of its features. It is equipped with sounds and as well as light. Pikachu can make 10 sounds and phrases as well. If Pikachu’s belly is pressed, the ears will move, cheeks will light up and produce Pikachu’s signature phrases. This is one of the great gift ideas to be given to kids of 3 years and up.

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Paw Patrol Zoomer Marshall

Paw Patrol Zoomer MarshallPaw Patrol is just one of the most popular cartoon for the kids this year. So, one of the great gift ideas for this coming Christmas is Paw Patrol Zoomer Marshall. This Paw Patrol toy is not just your static, ordinary robot dog toy, but he can move and even act like a real puppy. It can say over 150 real Paw Patrol phrases and as well as sounds. Aside from that, it is equipped with over 80 interactive tricks and missions including performing Paw Patrol Theme and Pup Pup Boogie. It is just one of the few things that Zoomer Marshall can do. This is good for kids who are 3 years old and above.

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Furby Connect

Furby ConnectFurby Connect is an interactive toy. It uses Bluetooth Smart technology to sync with the selected compatible device for Furby phrases, music and as well as videos. When you buy the Furby toy, you will have to download an app from where you get to play the toy. Furby will function through the application like feed Furby with the virtual food cannon or interact with Furblings in their world. Furby has expressive eyes, phrases and as well as motions. It also goes to sleep. The package comes with a sleeper mask. Just put the sleep mask on and it’s good night Furby time. Surely, the kids will enjoy Furby because of how interactive this toy is. Be sure to not miss this one of the great gift ideas for this coming Christmas.

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Razor Hovertrax 2.0

Raxor Hovertrax 2.0Late last year was the year for self-balancing board, but still this board is a great gift idea this Christmas for the kids. Razor’s Hovertrax 2.0 is the world’s smartest self-balancing electric scooter. The good thing about this board is it has an easy, quick-change 36v lithium ion battery pack made with authentic LG cells, which extends your kid’s ride.

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Hatchimals Penguala

Hatchimals PengualaUnlike any other toys, your kids won’t know what animal comes with Hatchimals when you go buy them, it will be a surprise. Once the egg hatched, kids will need to look after it. The animal needs nurture and kids should tech these interactive creatures to talk, walk and more. This is one of the great gift ideas for kids who are 5 years of age and up.

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